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Areas of Practice

The Law Office of Jim J. Steinberg is committed to serving San Diego clients with a variety of legal matters. Our office assists clients in the following primary areas:
Enforcement of Judgments and Court Orders


A court judgment or order is literally one or more pieces of paper ordering the other party to pay money or take some action. The court will not take any action to enforce the judgment or order unless you take the correct actions. There are several options available to you to help enforce your court judgment or order.


Real Estate


Questions often arise as to ownership and boundaries of real property. You, alone or with others, may own, or have inherited, a house or other real property. You may wish to take yourself or somebody else "off title". A neighbor may have built a fence on a part of your property.


We can help you to resolve these issues.


Family Law


California Family Law can be complex and confusing. We have always maintained that it should be as difficult to get married as it is to get divorced! We can assist you with all aspects of divorce, including custody, visitation, division of assets, allocation of debt, child support, and alimony.




In the case of a contract dispute, we help you understand the rights and obligations of each party to the contract.


A failure to perform is a "breach of contract". If your contract does not provide a remedy, we help you bring the issue to court to seek a resolution. 

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