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About Jim J. Steinberg

Jim J. Steinberg obtained his law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 1988, and was admitted to the California State Bar shortly thereafter.  Mr. Steinberg has been in private practice since 1989. He is licensed by the State Bar of California and has practiced in San Diego County and surrounding Southern California counties for the duration of his career. 


His experience includes enforcement of judgments and court orders, contract law, criminal appeals, family law, juvenile court matters, probate and guardianship cases, real estate matters, and bankruptcy matters.


In addition to practicing as an attorney, Mr. Steinberg has served as a judge pro tempore in the San Diego County Courts,  handling both traffic and small claims cases. 


In an effort to share his experience in the field and foster discussion among attorneys, Mr. Steinberg leads periodic speaking engagements and continuing education courses through the Law Libraries of San Diego County.



Jim J. Steinberg, Attorney at Law

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